Friday, September 14, 2012

Sewing Plans Spring 2012

I am really really good at making plans but less so successful at putting them into action. I also love SKETCHING my plans...really?

Anyway... at least this spring, at the start of spring, I am already thinking about what fabric/ patterns I have and how to sew for our summer (rather than a mad panic in May before a northern hemisphere summer July trip)

I had two failed attempts earlier in the year (one in Jan and one in May) and I would like to re-do/ fix them. I really don't want to have to buy more fabric but I do want to get a few essential travel outfits which I realised this July in Santo Domingo is needed in hot humid weather. A very cool dress and a cool skirt with a secret pocket.

My other ambition is to work out how to do a FBA (full bust adjustment) and make a serious muslin that works before I start on the real thing. I have done half hearted attempts in the past which haven't really helped that much.

So time to start sewing and stop sketching... I know!


  1. Sounds good :). There are great tutorials online for the FBA too :)
    Your failed attempts might be rescuable ;)

    1. yes, I have a good book too...but it is all about working how much to add!
      I hope I can fix my failures

    2. Well all I can say, is that a muslin (toile) is your best friend!
      And learning to fix failures, well that is all part of the learning process :) I have learned many things from mine LOL
      Have you seen the Coletterie blog? And their patterns?
      Also, have you seen the wonderful vintage patterns for sale out there?

    3. yes I know re: muslim, but I am just too impatient. I think the best way is to make a wearable muslim (for home use) the only thing is that fabric is hard to source in Australia.
      Re; colette- it was that blog that first introduced me to the wonderful world of the sewing online community. I used to sew all my own clothes- including jackets and coats back in late 80s-90s and then I stopped. SO exciting to be back at it again... so many skills 'lost' but things come back to me (after I have done something the 'wrong' way!)
      I haven't explored vintage yet....

    4. My secret is I buy cheap fabric to use to make something that WILL be worn as a muslin ;)
      Casey at Elegant Musings had an awesome tutorial on resizing, which might also be useful for you.

      As for vintage, well... that is a whole other playground you will enjoy immensely :) There is a large vintage contingent over there, so lots of resources!
      Some vintage pieces are true works of art... and playing with colours is fun too!

  2. ah! don't tempt me!!!
    btw I am sewing at the moment!

    1. then I shall leave you to it ;) Have fun! (I have plans for the morning myself- it is 8pm here now LOL)