Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing Plans

Why do I get the urge to sew summer dresses when I am about to go on a holiday... why don't I sew during summer???
Once again, I have lots of crazy ideas for the next 2 weeks... (ideas!)

My standard pattern in the last few years has been New Look 6601.
It doesn't look particularly inspiring  but it is the MOST comfortable dress to wear, has a wonderful fitted bodice and the fullness in the skirt is perfect for sitting cross legged (sketching requirement) but I don't really like the floating box pleats. So the dress I have almost finished used the skirt but a separate bodice.

I do like the skirts of the Macaron and the Peony but intended to increase the fullness of these to allow for sketching! I decided against the Macaron due to the number of day I will get to make it.

Better get back to it rather than wasting time blogging....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I am sewing.....

Just to do a quick post and let anyone who has visited this blog know that I have been sewing recently and almost finished another summer sketching dress. Crazy I know that I sew summer dresses in winter...but the deadline of a trip in July to hot climate is a good incentive.

Another blue and white garment.This dress has fitted really well (the best so far!) and I have used a number of tips that I have gleaned from sewing blogs over the last 6 months.

Will try to post more later.

I hope to make another dress and do some major adjustment to another dress in the next few weeks.

BTW I am SO loving my Pj pants... If I was to come across some more decent flannette I would make myself another pair!