Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing Plans

Why do I get the urge to sew summer dresses when I am about to go on a holiday... why don't I sew during summer???
Once again, I have lots of crazy ideas for the next 2 weeks... (ideas!)

My standard pattern in the last few years has been New Look 6601.
It doesn't look particularly inspiring  but it is the MOST comfortable dress to wear, has a wonderful fitted bodice and the fullness in the skirt is perfect for sitting cross legged (sketching requirement) but I don't really like the floating box pleats. So the dress I have almost finished used the skirt but a separate bodice.

I do like the skirts of the Macaron and the Peony but intended to increase the fullness of these to allow for sketching! I decided against the Macaron due to the number of day I will get to make it.

Better get back to it rather than wasting time blogging....


  1. Hi Liz!
    We met last summer in Lisbon (I contributed a Belem sketch to your friends gift sketchbook). I'm excited to see you again soon in Santo Domingo. I didn't know you are a sewer! And I distinctly remember last summer telling someone how much I was admiring your dresses from afar. We'll have to compare pattern notes in two weeks.

  2. Hi Amber- how exciting... not only that you are going to SD but that you sew... how cool to be able to talk about sewing instead of sketching (I meant as well as!)
    See you soon!!!!