Monday, April 23, 2012

Joining the world of the online sewing community

111208 About to start sewing but still sketching
I really do not need another blog in my life... but I also don't want to bore my sketching friends with details of my sewing adventures. SOOOO... here it is..another blog.

For the last few years I have been doing a bit of sewing - mainly summer dresses as it seems to be impossible to find dresses that have a bit of coverage on the shoulder area (I am a very fair Aussie girl!) and length just below the knees. These dresses are also the best thing to wear when I am out sketching in heat. My sewing skills which were really quite good when I was in my early 20s have disappeared I am beginning the journey again.

With Tia .....

Here is a photo of me wearing the first dress I made in is perfect for a sketching outfit... there are lots of photos of me wearing this dress on the last day of the 2nd International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Lisbon in July 2011... most of them the dress can't be seen very well ...or like this one, I have my sketchbook and all important sketching bag hiding it...
And I have even been sketched wearing it!!!! THis is a wonderful sketch by my friend Marina from Israel. My little friend is Borromini who comes on my travels with me.
111024 Summer Frocks
I love thinking about sewing projects and drawing dresses (click on the image to see what I said about this at the time)
Summer! J03TU_02 Cricket and Sewing!! Perfect Summers day!
Record the successful completion of a project by a sketch (not a photo!) Here is it the wonderful Colette Crepe dress
111124 The world of sewing blogs
Record what I see online by a sketch (rather than a pinterest site)
120310_07 Looking at lincraft
Or patterns that I am interested in while actually at a fabric store (I added the colour later!)
111213 Trip Prep- Holiday Clothes
More sewing planning...but also wardrobe prep for a vacation (I always do this).

Ok... I think you get the idea... this is enough for a first blog post!

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